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Samy Birnbach, singer and founding member of the Post Punk group Minimal Compact
(1981-1988, reformed many times since) is well known by lovers of eclecticism, under the moniker DJ Morpheus since 1994. He is the driving force behind a variety of musical projects, drawing strength and character from an inexhaustible source of poetry and vibrations, eternal expression of an aesthete of our time.

The Meitar project, produced by Alex Finkin (Aloe Blacc, Roseaux…), was the first output, born of an encounter with RvB (drummer with punk/new wave band DeBurek, aka « DBRK » then FLETCH) and released in 2017. A new project : Milim Bodedot saw the recent addition of Jean-Michel Peru, director (and guitarist of said DBRK and FLETCH) and Simon Banon, multi-instrumentalist who found there a new platform for his eclecticism.

Samy's new album will be released on May 20th on RvB’s label, noFAT under the catalogue number NF01. It will be available on vinyl, exclusive edition limited to 200 copies numbered and signed by Samy, digital and streaming.

This new record gathers seven original tracks. The lyrics for six of them were penned by Meir Goldberg. The last one, Lesiman Hava, was written by Samy himself, in the sixties. The music was composed and arranged by the whole band at minimal Studio. Two cover versions are also featured : Adaber Itcha and Karev Yom, a 6th century poem by Yannai.

The blend of the poetry of Meir Goldberg's words, and a cross-cultural musical universe (a tribute to the Post Punk and New Wave era with a touch of Alternative Rock) brings authenticity to this record and offers us the opportunity to listen to the sublime low range of Samy's voice, reminding us of the history of time and its eternal course.


Milim Bodedot

סמי בירנבך

מילים בודדות

1. משטרת השקט 4:46

2. הלחי השלישית 3:47

3. לסימן אהבה 4:09

4. בטח לא ידעת 3:24

5. רוצה להיות את 3:43

6. מילים בודדות 4:51

7. אדבר איתך 4:15

Lyrics : Rachel Shapira - רחל שפירא
Music : Alona Tural - אלונה טוראל
Arrangement : Alex Finkin

8. שמור על עצמך 3:57

9. קרב יום 4:09

Lyrics : ינאי - Yannai (6th century poet)
Arrangement : Alex Finkin

Lyrics 1,2,4,5,6,8 : Meir Goldberg - מאיר גולדברג
Lyrics 3 : Samy Birnbach

Music 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 :
Samy Birnbach, Jean Michel Péru, Simon Banon,
Hervé Benhamou, Alex Finkin

Samy Birnbach : Vocal
Jean Michel Péru : Guitar, Bass, Electronics
Simon Banon : Keyboards, Bass
RvB : Drums
Alex Finkin : Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Ethel Benhamou : Harp on Karev Yom
Thierry Rainaud, Simon Banon, RvB : Backing vocals on Milim Bodedot

All tracks arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by :
Alex Finkin & Jean Michel Péru
at minimal Studio Paris
Executive producer : noFAT
Mastering : David H at stereo color mastering
Additional recordings for Adaber recorded by Uri Kalian at
Sweet Sound studios
Graphic design by Eyal Teller and Bertrand Laidain
Front cover picture by DaliaJK

From Samy : To Truly, my mom and all my friends eternal love!
Thanks to Jeremie Horgen & Rami Amiry (The Zone - האזור), The DBRK family,
Clément Duventru, Patrick David, Philippe Laurent (Hot-Bip)